This is Africa . . . Distilled.

Bushwillow Gin

This member of the Bushwillow family produces beautiful winged seed pods, large enough to comfortably fill an adult’s cupped hand.  The pods rustle in the breeze making a sound reminiscent of waves brushing beach sand. They are a favourite of graceful spiral-horned kudu that gather beneath  the trees in late summer to browse the seedpods for the nutty kernel hidden inside.

Large-fruited Bushwillow

Combretum zeyheri

Tasting Notes

This is the most striking gin in our range. Perfectly balanced to be drunk neat or in a cocktail, our Bushwillow gin is full-flavoured with unusual and seductive woody, earthy notes. The Bushwillow seed pods impart a robust, rich, nutty, warmth that envelopes the mouth.  It is unlike any other gin – anywhere! The taste lingers on the side of the tongue inviting another sip. 

Marula Gin

Marula, the iconic fruit of Africa, has been enjoyed by humans and wildlife alike over the millennia. These majestic Bushveld trees produce an abundance of fruits in the African mid-summer months of January and February. The antics of elephants that have overindulged in fallen fermenting Marulas are legendary. 

Marula has a hard-to-pin-down flavour that combines a clear tangy edge with a rich almost buttery sweet citrus. The langorous scent of Marula is utterly distinctive and the gin delivers a luscious Marula bouquet that primes the palate for the soft tang that floods the mouth. Think passion fruit mingled with lime. 

Marula / Maroela

Sclerocarya birrea 

Tasting Notes

Clear hints of juniper creates the backbone, and floral depth is provided by Bushveld Wild Pear (Dombeya rontundifolia), Sweet-thorn Acacia flowers (Acacia caffra) and the Bushveld’s delightfully vibrant butterfly bush (Buddleja salvifolia).

Wild Cucumber Gin

This stunning wild fruit of the Bushveld delivers wonderful flavours of fresh cucumber and lime early in the ripening cycle. As it colours change from speckled green to a distinctive swirling orange, vibrant but subtle flavours of green melon and kiwi emerge.

We balance this lovely London Dry Gin with a hint of pepper and floral notes from the Bushveld’s butterfly bush (Buddleja salvifolia), whose prolific flowers attract masses of butterflies in early summer.

Wild Cucumber/Kiwano

Cucumis metuliferus

Tasting Notes

Smooth, fresh and clean, this is a truly distinctive and complex London Dry style gin.  Clear notes of cucumber combine with an edge of kiwi with a bold peppery taste on the lips.  Clear juniper adds middle to high notes.

Snuffbox Gin

This unique tree gets its name from its small dark fruit which used to be hollowed out to store ground tobacco. Quite unlike anything you have ever tasted, Stoneflow Snuffbox Gin is released in individually numbered batches of bottles at the start of each summer.

 This is an absolute must for every gin lover and a truly special gift for anyone with a taste for the finer things in life. 


Oncoba Spinosa

Tasting Notes

The fruit has an intoxicatingly complex smell that includes notes of vanilla, cacao, burnt caramel and dessert wine intertwined with warm almost fruity notes.